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Rakkaus - Jokainen Päivä On Taistelua

Rakkaus - Jokainen Päivä On Taistelua

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Year: 2009
Genre: Hardcore Punk

1. Intro
2. Tulta
3. Syvää unta
4. Sade
5. Valtonen
6. Elämä
7. Sodan lapsi
8. Testamentti
9. Parempi huominen
10. Älä koske
11. Palavat poliisit (tuomiopäivän lapset)
12. Jokainen päivä

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Rakkaus was formed at the spring of 2003. The idea to start a new band wasto play fast and noisy hardcore. Our first line-up was: Katri - vocals,Juhis - guitar & vocals, Jontte - guitar, Vellu - bass and Juuso - drums. We made one demo and an ep with this line-up. Then in the beginning of 2005 Juhis quit the band, because he was more into other stuff than playing in a band. We separated as friends. After Juhis left we had a short hiatus, and after that we started to practise just with four of us.Then after couple months Jyri joined the band. Jyri played seven showswith us, including our first show abroad,in k-town festivals inungdomshuset, Kopenhagen Denmark, but after that we kicked Jyri out of band, because we felt that he wasn't right guy for us. We had forgotten the most important reason to be in a band for a while; to have fun with friends and voicing our opinions. The last change in line-up came after christmas 2005, when borsu joined the band as a new guitarist. After Borsu joined the band we recorded our 2nd ep and we have played lots of gigs in Finland and done two Eurotours.


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